Postponement of Worlds

Since ITMA (International 12mR Association) first asked the UK fleet to host a World Championship the number of possible entries steadily dwindled from the healthy numbers originally envisaged until it seemed that insufficient qualifying boats might attend. As a result ITMA have asked that the Worlds be postponed until at least 2015 by when it is to be hoped that we’ll all be feeling a bit more confident. ITMA asked if we could continue to run the Tour with reduced numbers of boats. While we were happy to do so, numbers depleted still further without the attraction of a Championship title to be sailed for. As a result the Tour programme will not go ahead in 2012, although the UK boats will be attending Cowes Classics Week and other boats will be welcome.

Naturally, the UK fleet is disappointed as we feel that we had put together an interesting and varied sailing programme in the iconic waters of the Solent and with a considerable amount of socialising in some in spectacular and historic venues – hopefully this effort can be re-used in due course. We are extremely grateful for the support and understanding of our title sponsor, Brewin Dolphin, who had hoped to associate with these splendid boats and their teams.

This web site will remain in place in the meantime to show the proposed ideas and any updates will be posted here. In due course it will be amended to reflect the revised plans as they unfold. At least it gives us all a couple of years to get the boats up to scratch and let us all hope we can look forward to a year when we can all get our boats out and come and challenge for the title.

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In the year in which the Olympics will be held in the UK, the UK fleet will host a series of events for the 12 Metres, including the World Cup. The 12 Metres were an Olympic class from the first sailing Olympics in 1908 to 1920 and the largest boats ever to sail in the Olympics. They were the boats used to challenge for the Americas Cup in the immediate post-war period and up until the new Americas Cup Class was designed - many of the boats attending will have challenged or defended this famous cup. Built to the International Rule of 1907, at around 22 metres LOA, about 72ft, they are amongst the largest day racers and will provide a magnificent spectacle in the most iconic sailing waters of the Solent - see here for more class information.

At present, we have 23 boats that have indicated they will attend, with several more likely, which will make it the 2nd largest World Cup in the history of the 12 Metres. Boats will be arriving from the Baltic, the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and America to join the home fleet.

The events will take place from June 27th through to July 15th, each event being hosted by one of the leading Yacht Clubs in the Solent - see here for full programme and each event page for information about the clubs and the events they are hosting.


Apart from the racing, each club will vie to lay on the most exciting social events - the overall aim being to provide interesting and historic venues as well as novel entertainments. With 11-12 crew members per boat, plus support teams, plus partners and assorted hangers-on the parties are already looking to be unforgettable. The social programmes are currently being finalised, but see each event page for ideas that are being considered.

This event site is intended to provide all the information required to attend each event and help with the logistics of bringing your boat. It will be updated frequently - news will be posted on this page and occasional newsletters will be sent out summarising recent updates - so do please register here to keep in touch.

If you have any questions, do please contact the Secretary to the Event Committee, David Elliott: